Is Wisconsin a No-Fault Insurance State?

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Wisconsin, similar to several other states, is not a no-fault state. Wisconsin residents involved in car accidents and found to be at fault for the accident are responsible for the costs incurred by the other parties involved. Suppose it can be proven that the other party was legally responsible or at fault for the accident. In that case, they will generally be required to compensate you for expenses such as medical expenses, the cost to fix your vehicle damage, and more.

What are Common Damages Sought in Car Accident Cases?

Some apparent expenses such as covering medical costs are typically pursued in car accident cases. Medical bills can pile up fast and cause significant financial strain to you and your family after an accident. Ongoing physical therapy or other medical costs may continue long after the accident and can be included in the total compensation you require.

Lost wages are another common topic that is included in car accident cases. If you missed work due to receiving medical attention after your accident, such as surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, and more, you likely missed significant time at work and the income associated with that time.

Some of the less apparent forms of damage come in the form of emotional suffering experienced as a result of a car accident. Fear, anxiety, and depression can take a toll on an individual based on the circumstances surrounding their accident. They may also experience a loss of enjoyment in activities they once loved to do, such as attending sporting events or concerts. An estimate of the monetary value for these issues can be added to the total compensation that an individual can pursue.

How is Fault Negligence Established?

Fault can be established in several ways. Negligence is pivotal in personal injury cases, so establishing it can make or break your options for filing a claim.

Some of the most common ways are through investigations or recreations of the accident scene. Interviews with eyewitnesses are also essential. If there are pictures or video footage of the accident, this can be incredibly beneficial to establishing fault or negligence.

Why Work With an Attorney?

Car accident cases can become complex for many reasons. You may have to negotiate with multiple insurance companies, try to establish fault or negligence, and more, all while recovering from your injuries. By working with an experienced attorney, they can provide peace of mind by working on your case while you focus on your health. They can take over the reins, handle communication and negotiations with insurance companies and other parties involved in the accident, gather evidence to prove negligence, and more.

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