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Dealing with any tragedy in a family can feel overwhelming. Accidents and injuries happen every day, and sometimes the result can leave you feeling like you are drowning under medical bills while missing work to heal your injuries. This can create the perfect storm of financial distress for your family. You have a right to fight for what is yours, and that is peace of mind and compensation to help alleviate financial stress. Not every case is eligible for compensation, but by working with an experienced attorney, you can learn what options are available to you and set yourself up for the justice you deserve. Whether it is proving negligence, gathering evidence, negotiating settlements, or offering invaluable guidance, an experienced personal injury attorney can be a vital asset.

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Why Hire a Lawyer?

There are several instances in our lives where we can truly benefit from having a professional on our side to offer guidance, ensure we accurately follow necessary legal steps and more. If you are stressed due to an injury or an accident, this can be an even more trying time for you and your family. You don’t have to shoulder this stress and situation alone. You can rely on those that have spent years training how to handle these situations professionally, help you navigate them to the best of your ability, and provide compassion for your situation. You aren’t expected to know how to work through every situation in life. Rest assured that an experienced attorney is ready to take over the reins when you need them to and guide you through the following steps.

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What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

You may find yourself wondering what a personal injury attorney does and why it is beneficial to work with one. The needs of each client and their family vary. Firstly, compassion regarding what they are experiencing. We have worked with countless clients over the years, and it offers us a unique ability to help clients sift through their worries and concerns and focus on the tasks at hand. Attorneys spend most of their time gathering evidence to support damage claims, negotiating with other parties or insurance companies to get the medical liens reduced, investigating the incident in question to determine and prove negligence, and more. Each client will present a unique set of circumstances relevant to their case. But primarily, we are here to support you and your desire to make your life whole again.

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Car Accident





Motorcycle Crash



For a husband and wife rear-ended by a big rig while out for a leisure cruise on their motorcycle.


Vehicle Accident



For a woman rear-ended on her way home from work.




What Types of Cases Does a Personal Injury Attorney Cover?

Generally speaking, accident or injury cases are what personal injury attorneys work with daily. Car, boat, motorcycle, or bicycle accidents are commonly on our caseload. Things like catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and wrongful death cases are also something we can provide clients with help. It can feel like a lot of topics that we cover. What it boils down to is being an advocate for our clients. A lot of what we do is determine whether or not the client is eligible for compensation and then find a way to establish negligence by the other party, putting together a reasonable plan with our clients and helping them to get the justice they deserve. Sometimes this is easier than others, but with our experience and compassion, you can rest assured we are up for the task.

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What Other Areas Will Pemberton Personal Injury Law Firm Help Me With?

We can also help clients with slips, trips or falls, dog bites, construction accidents, and Uber/Lyft or other rideshare accidents. Product liability and wrongful death are other areas that we are familiar with and offer our services to help families. That can be a good thing if you’ve never heard of some of these. Some of them are a little less common but just as intrusive or harmful to our daily family lives. Our team has years of experience in learning the ins and outs of cases and what it takes to help a family overcome the setbacks they have experienced and move forward to the next chapter of their life. Our law office is located less than a mile away from Statz Park, about 4 minutes from Lower Ochsner Park, and 5 miles from Giese Park. UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County is only 2 miles away. We are here to work together with you and your family to devise a reasonable solution to meet and beat your expectations. Contact our office at (608) 448-6242 with further questions.

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