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The rise in the popularity of rideshare apps has also brought a rise in rideshare accidents. If you’re involved in an Uber collision, you may feel confused and unsure of what to do, as these situations can be overwhelming. Fortunately, an Uber accident attorney can provide some guidance.

You may have many questions, including who is financially liable for your injuries and losses. Your rideshare accident lawyer can investigate the details of your collision and determine who is at fault. They can pursue fair compensation from the appropriate party based on their findings.

Determining the Cause of Your Uber Collision

Uber accidents are unique in certain ways, but the causes of these collisions are similar to those of other types of car accidents. Often, Uber collisions are the result of dangerous driving behaviors, including:

  • Speeding
  • Road rage
  • Tailgating
  • Failure to yield
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Fatigued driving
  • Failure to follow road signs and rules

In some situations, other factors can contribute to an Uber accident, including inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, and defects and malfunctions.

Figuring out the cause of your Uber collision is key. Once you know what caused your accident, liability is much clearer.

Who Can Be Liable for Your Uber Accident?

Liability can be tricky for Uber accidents. In regular accidents, the collision may be between you and one other driver. If you didn’t cause your accident, the other driver likely caused it. However, with Uber accidents, it’s not always so straightforward.

Different drivers might be responsible for an Uber accident. Sometimes, another driver causes the accident, while other times, the Uber driver may be to blame. And in some cases, both drivers may have contributed to the collision and share liability.

Based on their investigation, your Uber accident lawyer may also find other parties liable for your collision. It all depends on the cause of your accident, which your attorney can determine for you.

Another Driver

In many cases, another driver who is not an Uber driver causes the accident. In such a situation, you can potentially pursue compensation through that party’s insurance.

When another driver is at fault, that party is financially responsible to you for your accident-related injuries and losses. Therefore, your lawyer can determine the best way to seek financial recovery from this party.

Your Uber Driver

Unfortunately, although Uber has certain requirements when hiring drivers, Uber’s drivers can still cause accidents. When your Uber driver is at fault, you can seek monetary recovery from their insurance.

Additionally, rideshare companies like Uber provide their drivers with added protection in the event of a collision. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may need to pursue additional compensation from Uber’s liability insurance.

Other Parties

Another party may share liability for your accident. For example, if a contributing factor to your accident was a dangerous road condition, you may be entitled to hold the city of responsible governmental entity liable for their negligence.

It’s important to determine whether any other party, aside from a driver, can be responsible for your accident. This helps ensure you get full and fair compensation for your collision injuries and losses.

Understanding Uber Insurance

Insurance agent assesses damaged car and completes claim form after accident. Traffic accident and insurance concept.

As mentioned, Uber provides insurance coverage for their drivers. However, this insurance protection is not always available. Instead, it depends on the driver’s status at the time of the collision.

When the driver is offline or their app is off, their personal auto insurance will protect them in the event of an accident. Even though the driver works for Uber, Uber’s insurance would not offer any protection if they were in a collision outside of their duties.

When a driver is online and waiting for a ride request, third-party liability insurance might be available if necessary. This includes:

  • $50,000 bodily injury protection per person
  • $100,000 bodily injury protection per accident
  • $25,000 property damage protection per accident

When the driver is either en route to pick up a passenger or has the passenger in their vehicle, insurance protection includes:

  • $1M third-party liability protection
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury and/or first-party injury protection
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision

Coverage limits vary by state. Therefore, it’s helpful to have an Uber accident attorney familiar with local auto insurance determine what policy limits will apply to your personal injury case, if necessary, to pursue compensation from Uber’s insurance.

What To Do Following an Uber Accident

Remembering what you should do after a collision, including an Uber accident, can impact your rights and future case. For this reason, taking certain steps after an Uber crash is important to safeguard yourself and your chances of recovering financially from the liable party.

First and foremost, you should call 911 and report your accident to local law enforcement. Police will arrive at the scene of the accident and take down pertinent information to include in their police report. Police accident reports can play a key role in proving liability for an Uber accident.

Seek medical attention immediately, even if you don’t think you’ve suffered injuries. Whether you receive aid from EMTs or visit an emergency room or urgent care soon after your collision, getting medical help to determine the extent of your injuries and begin treatment is helpful.

Report your accident to Uber. Uber allows you to report your accident directly in the app. Uber’s support staff can take down the information and explain the next steps.

Finally, discuss your case with a skilled local Uber accident lawyer. An attorney can review the specifics of your case, create a legal plan of action, and begin working on your case right away.

After an Uber Collision, Do Not Wait to Seek Legal Assistance

William Pemberton, Personal Injury Lawyer
 Uber Accident Attorney, William Pemberton

After an Uber accident, time is limited to take action. Consult with a car accident lawyer as quickly as possible. A personal injury attorney can be your best ally, protect your rights as an Uber accident victim, and fight diligently to get you the best possible outcome.

Seek your free case evaluation today; never try to decipher the complexities of an Uber accident case alone. A car accident attorney is waiting to help.

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